Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hungarian Shortbread

nom nom nom ! This one was beautiful and delicious (: My house smelled amazing as well, and the grating made the top really pretty. I only used about half the dough, and I think I'll use the rest to make some without jam, and try it when I can find rhubarb in the stores as well, since I used strawberry this time. The dough was super super buttery but it doesn't actually taste that bad, and I totally forgot to put icing sugar on it, but I don't think it really needs it, either..


  1. So pretty in the springform pan! Love the top texture. Great job!

  2. I made ours in a round pan as well - it was fun to serve in wedge shapes.
    Thanks for baking along this week.

  3. I love the round shape - so pretty when you cut it!